roasted vegetables

roasted vegetables

I feel bad for taking such a long hiatus and returning with something as uninspiring as roasted vegetables. I’m assuming, like me, you’ve established a casual relationship with vegetables, only eating them because you’re a grownup and someone somewhere said you should. You could just focus on the vegetables that you like, but what about your family? More than once, I’ve peered over my shoulder while reaching for carrots only to find Martin shaking his head disapprovingly from across the produce section. If you too suffer from the disapproving glances cast by loved ones because of your choice in vegetable, then, I have a solution for you!

I’ve suffered many pans of poorly roasted vegetables. I’ve tried the roast the firm vegetables first and then add the softer vegetables later technique. And even with all the intermittent stirring and strategically timed adding of vegetables they still turned out okay. This just wasn’t working for me. Roasting vegetables should not be so labor intensive. Then I discovered this article: How to Master Roasted Vegetables.

I made brussels sprouts taste like butter.


Brussels sprouts
1 turnip (I’m not sure how this ended up in my house)
1 yam (This isn’t a real yam it’s just a variety of sweet potato that grocery stores label as “yam.” I just learned about this.)

I’ve also successfully roasted other vegetables such as: cauliflower, carrots, red bell pepper, and sweet potatoes.

Preheat oven to 425 degrees. Cut Brussels sprouts in half (so the bottom part holding the leaves together is cut in half), peel (or not) the yam and cut into 1 inch cubes, cut the turnip into 1 inch cubes. Toss the veggies together in a bowl and season generously with salt. Pour in good olive oil and toss the veggies until theres a nice sheen on them, however not so much that oil pools on the bottom. Spread evenly on a baking sheet, try to avoid overlapping vegetables. Stick them in the oven. After about 10-12 minutes check on the veggies to see if they’re browning. I’ve found my veggies don’t really start browning until about 15-20 minutes or so in the oven. Once they start to brown, give them a stir and stick them back in, checking on them about every 5 minutes or so until they’re evenly browned. I’ve roasted them up to 30 minutes or so.

If they’re browning too fast and don’t feel soft enough, then turn the heat down until they’re soft. Turn the heat back up so they can caramelize.

Once they’re out of the oven you can season them with some pepper and herbes.

Cooking notes: Read the full article for more information on how to cut each type of vegetable and more tips on roasting. 


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