avocado baked egg

I’m sad to say that not every cooking adventure is a success. This is too bad because not only do I have to share my defeat with you, I also have to find something else to eat. I believe this is my first inedible meal. Ever. I’ve made plenty of mediocre dishes but none so disagreeable. We wanted try this baked egg and avocado dish. In theory this doesn’t sound so bad, I like eggs, I like avocado, they sound like they would taste good together, this could work.

The recipe called for a firm avocado cut in half and seeded, easy enough. The next step was to scoop the cavity to create a nice even center. Once a cast iron pan is pre-heated in the oven, place the avocado halves in the skillet and break an egg into the cavities, bake until set. Finally, season with salt, pepper, and paprika.

Unfortunately nature doesn’t provide perfectly even avocados. Even when attempting to carefully slice the avocado in half to ensure two even sides, I failed. The seed was off center; one cavity was deeper than the other. I scooped out some of the flesh to create a deeper cavity. This was also difficult; I didn’t really care to remove the flesh from the avocado. Why remove the flesh only to keep some thin membrane of avocado? I cracked an egg into a ramekin and tried to carefully transfer the egg into the avocado cavity. Of course the egg white over flowed, and this only reinforced my inability to estimate space/quantity. Once in the oven I waited for the eggs to set, not surprisingly the shallower half of the avocado cooked faster. It was too bad though that I couldn’t remove the shallower half sooner, the deluge of egg whites welded together making it rather difficult to separate the two halves of the avocado. Once the second half was set, the pan was removed from the oven and with great force the cemented egg white was separated.

I was hopeful that perhaps the flavor would still be okay. This too was a disappointment. The texture of the egg was similar to that of the avocado. The yolk was firm in one half and runny in the other. Even with salt, pepper and paprika, this was a disaster. Steer clear friends, steer clear.


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