Oatmeal with peanut butter and nuts

I apologize. I know, it’s ugly. And who could blame it? It’s a mess. Its probably even making it easier for you to fast. You’re welcome. This, despite its appearance, is genius.

I love peanut butter, LOVE IT. I have even been known to have a spare jar in the car (with spoons) for you know, emergencies. So when I saw my co-worker eating oatmeal with peanut butter – I was in awe. Why didn’t I think of this? It’s just genius. It also makes for a satisfying suhoor. Like most of my sad recipes, it seems almost ridiculous to share it. But I had to. I mean, I never thought of mixing the two.


Prepare oatmeal according to directions on package, mix in one (or two!) tablespoons of peanut butter, and mixed nuts. I also added dried cranberries. Enjoy

Recipe Notes: If you like your oatmeal a bit sweeter, just mix in some honey or brown sugar.


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