Spicy Gyro Pizza


Chicago holds a special place in my heart for many reasons. But most significantly, it’s the city that conjures up so many wonderful memories of adventures as a single lady with amazing friends. And of course, food was always involved. A trip to Chicago was never complete without a pilgrimage to Italian Express home of the Spicy Gyro Pizza. The most delicious pizza creation ever. You think chicken tikka pizza is good? Just wait till you you meet Italian Express. It will change you.

In fact, it changed me (and my friends, hi Fouzia & Farah) to the point that we recreated the pizza when driving to Chicago was out of question/we were lazy. Using gyro meat and a pizza from Papa Murphy’s (a take-home and bake pizza joint) we would reminisce about forts, stupid boys, and Chicago.

Martin has never had Spicy Gyro Pizza. Indeed, it is a tragedy. Thus I set out to recreate the famous Spicy Gyro Pizza. But. with modifications. Rather than using red sauce, I wanted to create a white sauce – think Chicken Cart Guy and extra white sauce, without the rice and all the other filler. Here’s what I came up with:

Serving Size – 2

I made my own pizza dough using a recipe from Smitten Kitchen. Though I’m sure a pre-made dough would work just fine.

Add white sauce and top with
9 oz of provolone
gyro meat – I asked for quantity of gyro meat that would be served in one shwarma
jalapeno peppers – I was modest with the peppers, ours are exceptionally spicy

White Sauce:

1 cup sour cream
2 generous tablespoons mayonnaise
7 cloves of garlic grated

Gut Reaction: So indulgent, I don’t think that we can ever eat this again.

Recipe notes: okay maybe adding mayonnaise to sour cream was a bit much and 9 oz of provolone overkill. I think it would still taste awesome without the mayonnaise and a bit less cheese. I also recommend eating this with Tums.


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