Pan-Seared Tuna

A few days ago a co-worker had tuna. And it smelled like… tuna. After the odor dissipated, I ventured into the kitchen to retrieve my own (fragrance free) lunch. There I spied both an empty tuna can and an avocado skin.

I don’t know why this seemed so intriguing. I’ve made an avocado dressing with salmon burgers before, but for some reason, I needed avocado and tuna. After a quick search (I only really looked at one recipe), I found a recipe for Pan-Seared Tuna.

A couple notes of caution. This is raw- like pink in the middle raw. I also spent $17 one one steak of tuna that the butcher said would be enough for two – and it was enough, but $17!!!

This was my first time preparing raw fish, so in hopes of ensuring that neither of us would be vomiting sashimi all night long I went for fresh fish I could trust. Martin suspects we were really paying for the Mercury.

That said, it was delicious! We really enjoyed the fresh flavor of the tuna, the creaminess of the avocado and the tartness of the lime altogether. It reminded me a bit of ceviche.

Gut Reaction: Redo!

Recipe Notes: I stuck to the recipe as-is, but I added a bit of hot sauce for extra kick. I’m sure Siracha would be just fine.


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